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Finding a property online for either short-term or extended rentals can be overwhelming. With so many different properties to choose from and only images to sift through, it’s hard to know what you will find when you show up.

At Southern Charmed Hospitality Group, we are very selective about the properties that we rent and work closely with our clients to maintain a level of excellence.

Our mission

As a renter, you can rest assured that when you stay at one of our properties, it will be exactly as described. Our mission is to take the guesswork out of finding a perfect place for you to enjoy your vacation or feel comfortable while away from home for an extended stay.

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We are a local hospitality group equipped to serve the properties of Charleston, SC. We provide superior property management services for homeowners and their guests.

We’re a Trusted Name in Charleston Property Management Companies

Most rental property owners aren’t on location to care for their second homes the way they'd like to, which is why it is so important to choose one of the best Charleston property management companies. Your rental income depends heavily on the ratings and reviews that your renters leave you. When you consider how much damage just one poor review can do to your bottom line, hiring Charleston, SC property management companies that aren’t top-rated is a huge mistake. Before you decide which of the many property management companies in Charleston, SC to hire, you definitely want to compare our service. We are top rated for a reason. Of all the Charleston property management companies out there, we go the extra mile to ensure that things are well maintained and your renters get the best service possible.

Charleston property management companies are responsible for everything from reducing vacancy rates to adjusting for peak seasons. Only experienced Charleston, SC property management companies have a network of professionals on hand that they can trust to manage things on an ongoing basis to ensure that your rental looks great. Things like cleaning are also handled by property management companies in Charleston, SC. Post-COVID, the cleanliness of your rental has never been more important. Only Charleston, SC property management companies focus on the fine details that mean so much. Of all the property management companies in Charleston, SC, we stand out and excel where others fail, simply because we care that much.

Ranked #1 Property Management Company in Charleston, SC - We Make Life Easier

Owning and operating a rental property is a great way to accomplish multiple streams of income, but it does take time and resources to manage. A property management company in Charleston is the best way to make sure your rental has minimal vacancies and maximum rental income. Simply Googling “property management near me” will not be enough to find the best. If you want to hire the best Charleston property management company, take the time to read online reviews and ratings. What you will quickly see is that we are the property management company in Charleston that is consistently top-rated and highly recommended.

Property Management Companies in Charleston SC
Charleston Property Management Companies
Your property management company in Charleston is not only responsible for ensuring that you aren’t bothered by things like rental agreements and rental turnover; they also handle maintenance, repairs, and communication with tenants in your absence. The last thing you want to do is get a poor review of a mistake made by a Charleston property management company. That’s why just Googling “property management near me” is not enough. Go the extra mile to ensure that your investment is safe by choosing our property management company in Charleston. We have an established reputation for excellence because we care about every rental client who puts their trust in us. We realize that most rental owners can’t be the eyes and ears on the property, which is why they turn to our staff. We provide a flawless service so that you always make the best impression possible.
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