Everything You See Online is True? Absolutely Not!

Everything you see online is true, right? If that were true, the world would be a lot easier to navigate. The internet has allowed us all the freedom to look for our vacation rentals without the help of a travel agency, but then again, it also presents a buyer-beware scenario. The good news is that you don’t have to go into searching for your Airbnb rentals in Charleston, SC search blindly; you can check out our rentals and book with confidence for these reasons!

We’re Picky

We aren’t a property management group that will take just any rental that comes our way. We understand that our property management company only looks as good as the rentals that we handle. We have a very discriminating eye when it comes to properties we will and will not manage. If you see our company attached to a vacation rental, you can book with confidence that the property has been vetted and accepted only because it is a quality rental at a competitive price.

Cleanliness is the Key to Hospitality

Cleanliness was important pre-pandemic, but never before had it been such a must in the rental world. There is no excuse for a rental that is not cleaned and maintained properly. When we manage an Airbnb rental, we ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned after each guest. We aren’t about doing just a surface wash; we make sure that there is no trace of the guests who came before you. That is our guarantee.

Amenities Included

Nothing is worse than showing up to a rental to find that there are no supplies at all. You expect that there will be a limited supply of the things you need over the course of your vacation, but the basics should be ready to go when you get there. No one wants to run to the store before they have even gotten to rest from their trip. At Southern Charmed Hospitality, we believe in being hospitable, which means making sure our rental guests have all that they need so that they don’t have to worry about the little things that should be included!

Location, Location, Location

One of the scariest things about traveling is showing up to a rental that isn’t in a great location or isn’t what you expected. At Southern Charmed Hospitality, we only take homes that have the location you would expect, close to amenities, vacation spots, and the local action. We only take rentals that are in amazing vacation hotspots.

The internet has allowed the average vacationer the luxury of being able to book their accommodations online. Although most images that you see are what you get, you can’t believe everything you see online. Look for the Southern Charmed Hospitality name – you can be confident that booking with us is booking with the best. Contact us today to find the next awesome rental for your vacation!

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