Five Advantages of Moving Into a Furnished Rental

Furnished Rental in Charleston
With the red-hot market still being so hot, many home buyers and sellers are having to move fast. Listing and selling your home is stressful enough, especially when there are time restraints that have you feeling anxious and under the gun. If you have to vacate your home before your next one is ready or before you’ve even found one, it can be a very unnerving time. Choosing a short-term furnished rental in Charleston is an excellent way to take some of the heat this summer. These are just five advantages of furnished rentals over unfurnished!

They are More Cost-Effective

Many people don’t want to move into a furnished rental in Charleston because they think that it is an unnecessary cost when they have their things to move. The thought of renting an apartment or house, paying for a furnished one, and then storing their belongings can seem like an additional cost, when in reality it typically is not. The cost of moving your belongings twice can sometimes be way more than if you had just found a furnished rental and stored your things in the interim. Don’t spend dollars to save pennies – make sure to do the math and consider all options before you assume you have the answers!

Lessen the Hassle!

If you are a good friend, you will likely help anyone when they need it and vice versa, but have you tried asking people to help move? Most people will stay put in their home over moving simply to avoid the hassle of packing and moving. If you want to save yourself the burden of packing, unpacking, and then repacking, a furnished rental is just a better option. Even if it does cost a bit more, what is your time and angst worth in the long run?

Reduce the Risk of Damage

When you move your treasures from one home to the next, there is always the possibility of damage to your valuables during the process. Why double the risk if you don’t have to? You only have to pack your things with care and concern once, and the movers only have to move them from the location one time. That cuts down on the potential that things can get broken or misplaced during the many moves!

Avoid Obstacles

If you don’t store your things and have them at a rental, then you probably won’t be unpacking many of the boxes. If you only open and empty those that you need in the meantime while you’re waiting, then you are probably going to spend months walking around in a maze. When you choose an unfurnished versus furnished rental, it can be months of chaos, which is hard to live in. By storing your things, you can live uncluttered until you find a new place to hang your hat!

Why Invest Before You Have To?

One of the best parts of a finished rental is that the furniture and accessories are not as worn as you might be used to. If you took stock of your things on the way out and chose to throw some out, how will you know what you should buy to replace them if you aren’t sure what areas you will have to work with when you find your new forever home? Why put the expense out for buying new immediately if you can enjoy someone else’s investment in a furnished rental? This lets you take the time you need to ensure that your furniture investment for the future is a good one!As the red-hot real estate market rages on, time is of the essence. When someone says, “it’s time to move,” move you must – or you risk losing the profit of selling during this unprecedented time. Save yourself the hassle of doing it twice by looking for a furnished rental in Charleston. The cost is well worth your sanity, if nothing else! Contact Southern Charmed Hospitality today and let us find you something to be comfortable in until you get your bearings!

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