Five Reasons to Hit the Road for the Holidays!

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As we head into the holidays, if there has ever been a year to celebrate 2022 is it! We are finally going from social distancing to socialization, which means that we are free to leave our homes and hit the road. If you are looking for the best way to spend the holiday season, we believe that a vacation is warranted this year! There are many reasons to take it on the road, but these are just five from our Airbnb property management!

We’ve Been Shut in Too Long

Typically, the holidays are a time to stay in and focus on family. The focus on family is still the definite key, but the shut-in part is something we have all had enough of. Being forced to stay at home, not traveling, and not seeing other people and places has been difficult over the past several years. This year, center the focus of your time with loved ones around creating and building memories by setting a course for the beach – or really, any adventure at all!

Forgo the Shiny Gifts Under the Tree

What the past couple of years have taught us is that we can have all the “things” in the world, but if we don’t have the company of the people we love, then there is no point. Instead of putting shiny new things under the Christmas tree that are really not important, why not spend the holiday budget on giving smiles by experiencing new things? Your children will love a trip to the beach or the mountains and the memories you build way more than another toy that will end up in the trash by February 1st. This year, spend money on lasting memories instead of commercial throwaways!

See Family You Haven’t in a While

If you vacation this Christmas, it doesn’t just have to be you and your family; why not take all the family along? Sure, hosting people at your home for the holidays is fun, but what could be better than everyone meeting off-site to experience the adventure together? If everyone chips in, you can rent a spectacular home that has all the upgrades and amenities that the entire crowd will enjoy. Forget fixing up your house and getting it ready – get ready by packing a suitcase and saying “see you there!”

Beach, Mountains, The Sky’s the Limit

Instead of buying ten different gifts to try and appease everyone, why not give one gift you can all enjoy? The money you spend on the holidays would be better spent creating memories that everyone can COLLECTIVELY enjoy. What lasts longer, another iPad to stare at or a day of ziplining and hiking or beach-combing? I think you already know the answer!

Give Yourself a Break

If you need one of the most important reasons to leave the world behind for the holidays, it is because YOU need a break. Instead of slaving away for everyone with cooking, cleaning, and preparing, why not sit this holiday out and just be in the moment? Let someone else cook, go ahead and let the kids be messy and let it be someone else’s problem, and most importantly, don’t hear “I’m bored” the day after Christmas while the toys all lie around unplayed with. If there is one person you should plan a vacation for, it is you!

As we head into the holiday season, there are many reasons 2022 should be the year when you take the holiday show on the road. If for no other reason, you deserve some much-needed time away and a break from every day. This year, our Airbnb property management is here to tell you that you deserve a vacation, so let’s plan it together now!

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