Five Things to Look For in Your Airbnb Property Management Company

Airbnb Property Management Company

As we roll through summer, the Charleston rental market is as on fire as the real estate market. If you have a rental property in the area, hopefully you are hanging out the “no vacancy” sign from the beginning of this peak season until the end. If you aren’t, then it might be time to evaluate whether hiring a Charleston, SC Airbnb property management company is a good way to improve your profits. In order to increase your revenue, make sure to look for these five signs before signing on the dotted line.


Charleston is one of the tightest-knit communities in the nation, so your property management company’s reputation is critical. Don’t just Google “property management group near me” and choose at random. It is vital to do your research and read reviews and ratings. Someone who has had a great experience will be happy to share – and someone who has not is generally glad to give others a heads up. At the end of the day, your reputation is all that you have to go by.


Cleanliness has always been a high priority in the hospitality industry, but now it’s even more essential. COVID changed the psyche of travelers, and now they are looking for sanitized conditions to reduce the risk of transmission. Find a property management group that understands that stained sheets are not acceptable, and a quick run-through cleaning is not going to cut it. Having an established protocol, along with a proven cleaning record, is a must to keep your Airbnb rented consistently without downtime!

Niceties Go a Very Long Way!

When people travel on vacation, they are looking for more than just a rental; they want an entire experience. Nothing is more frustrating than getting to a rental to find that it doesn’t have the basics, like toilet paper and paper towels. Look for a property management group that “gets” how to put the “hospitable” into “hospitality,” and you will have raving reviews that increase your competitiveness in the rental market!

Maintenance and Inspection

When renters are on vacation, the last thing they want to have to do is worry about a repair or maintenance issue. If the air conditioning goes out, the hot water heater malfunctions, or if the dishwasher requires repairs, that can reflect poorly on you. Maintenance is the key to a good property management group. By properly maintaining and inspecting everything, they can reduce the risk that something will happen during a guest’s stay.


No matter how well maintained a property is, there are always going to be little unavoidable hiccups. Renters understand that sometimes things go wrong, and you can turn a negative into a positive by ensuring that you are responsive to your renters’ needs immediately. There will be times when necessary wait times apply, but to just leave them hanging without communication is a surefire way to make a poor impression. Find a company that understands that following through is a must!

As we head into an unprecedented rental market in the Charleston area, your rental property should consistently have a “no vacancy” sign. If it doesn’t, then it might be a good time to find a Charleston, SC Airbnb property management company. Don’t just Google “property management company near me” and choose at random – go a step further to find a company with these five characteristics to increase your bottom line. Contact Southern Charmed Hospitality Group today!

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