Five Tips for Property Owners Renting With Pets

Property Owners Renting With Pets

A second home is a great way to escape every day in the comforts of home. It is also an excellent way to earn a little extra income while paying down the mortgage if you rent it out. The problem with having a second home that you rent out is that renters can be very hard on a vacation rental, especially when pets are involved. That is why most rental homes and condos are pet-free rentals. If you are going to allow your renters to bring their furry BFF along, here are some tips that we recently shared with RedFin readers about how to minimize the risks associated with having pets along for the vacation.

Pet-Friendly Material Choices

The best way to minimize damage, whether you are going to rent with or without pets, is to find pet-friendly material choices for furniture and flooring. Tile, linoleum, and hardwood are always better choices than carpeting because they can withstand heavy traffic without the same amount of wear and tear. That is especially important if you are going to allow pets in your rental. When you choose wisely to prevent damage from kids, families, or pets, you are reducing the chance that any real and lasting damage will happen. 

Charge a Security Deposit

Some renters charge an additional fee for renters who bring pets along, which is a great way to safeguard your home. Once the renters have left and their rent has been paid, you may have to jump through some major hoops to get them to pay for any damage that was done. The cost of recovering soiled things or stains will probably be more expensive than just fixing them on your own. However, if you charge a fee for renters with pets, then you can secure the money you need if something is ruined. Plus, when people know that there is money at stake, they might be a bit more careful about how their pets behave! It adds a little bit of liability to their actions!

Find a Cleaning Service That Goes a Little Deeper

If you are going to allow pets, it isn’t just about the risk of things getting chewed or stained; paws can track in a lot of mud, and your next renter won’t want to see dog hair when they stay after a pet owner rental. It is a good idea to find a cleaning service that will go the extra mile to ensure that they erase any pet signs for future renters. It takes a bit more to dive deep and remove the many things that pets can leave behind!

Charge More for Cleaning

Another way to cover yourself and your investment if you are going to allow pets is to charge more for cleaning, whether they make a mess or not. An additional fee daily for the extra cleaning is not much to ask for. Many pet owners expect that their pets coming along is not the norm and are willing to pay a little more to bring them. You shouldn’t have to pay for the additional cleaning charges, so pass it along in the rental price.

Find a Property Management Group You Trust

One of the best ways to make sure that your rental is safe – whether you allow pets to stay or not – is by hiring the right property management group. You need someone to be your eyes and ears when you can’t be. It is critical to have someone inspect the rental when pets are present to ensure not only that the indoors show no signs, but that the outdoors have been cleaned up too. If there is any damage, you want to make sure to hold the right renter accountable! 

There are always inherent risks to allowing renters the luxury of bringing their pets along. If you are going to let them bring their BFF along for the trip, just make sure to cover yourself and have safeguards in place in case something does happen. At Southern Charmed Hospitality, we provide the most conscientious and thorough services to keep your rental looking great from renter to renter. Contact us today and let us be your eyes and ears!

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