Six Ways to Increase Your Holiday Traffic This Fall

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As we head into the fall, we do so leaving one of the best summer rental markets in years. If you want to make sure that your rental continues to enjoy low vacancy rates and competitive prices, then it is important to make it more attractive. Just because the fall might be a less-than-peak time for some rentals doesn’t mean that yours can’t still enjoy a robust fall rental season. These are our Airbnb management suggestions to increase your fall and holiday traffic.

Decrease Rates Accordingly

It is always a hard line to draw: you want to have high occupancy rates, but if you charge too little, then you have to deal with additional cleaning charges and high turnover rates and the toll it takes on your rental. The best way to make your rental more attractive is to offer decreased rates or different promotions during the holiday season. Just make sure that you aren’t discounting yourself so much that you are losing out. There is a fine balance to make so that you aren’t putting more wear and tear on your rental unnecessarily.

Update Your Images

If it has been a while since you updated your images, now is the perfect time. Since more people do all their booking online, they only have your descriptions and pictures to go by. Having images swapped during different times of the year will show a different perspective to renters throughout different seasons, and the holidays are just one of them. And if you hire a professional photographer now, then you won’t run the risk of them being too busy during the holiday season – and you can write off the costs for 2022 on your rental income taxes. 

Invest in Updates

During the holidays, people want to know that they are going to be comfortable and feel at home. If your decor is dingy and not very inviting, then you might lose some traffic. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to invest in some accent accessories, change out area rugs. and give your rental a “holiday spruce.” 

Beef Up Your Reviews

If you are short on reviews, then now is the time to ramp up your efforts. Take a look at your history and find out which of your guests might not have reviewed your property. Among the biggest reasons why renters choose one property over the next are ratings and reviews. Also, look into new and innovative ways to get people to want to leave reviews going forward. If you have a good system, then you will get reviews before the holidays to beef things up and you will continue to have increased reviews once the holidays are over. 

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

There are many different online forums that people visit to find rental homes and if you are only on one, then you are severely limiting your exposure. Airbnb is an excellent tool, but it isn’t the only one. Ask your property management company what they recommend according to your niche market and spend the money to keep your rental booked and the cash coming in until well after the New Year. 

Maintenance is a Must

It has been a long summer rental season and if things have gotten a bit behind for you, then now is the time to address any maintenance or repair issues you have. The exterior of the property is just as important as the interior. In fact, your curb appeal is the first impression that you make and can set the tone for the way that renters judge the interior. Prepare for a busy holiday season by having home maintenance addressed so that everything looks and works perfectly. 

As we head into the fall and quickly into the holidays, we are coming out of a hugely robust rental season. The good news is that things will likely continue that way until after the holidays. Since the fall usually comes with reduced occupancy rates, now is the time to ramp up efforts to profit until the end of the year. At Southern Charmed Hospitality, we have the Airbnb rental management skills to ensure that your rental has the “no vacancy” sign up year-round. Contact us today and let us ensure that your rental is rocking throughout the year.

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